Things Students Ask

Sometimes in outreach, engineers can feel like there’s a barrier to entry. They might be nervous about what kids might ask or whether they’ll look silly. So, for your information and enjoyment, here are some of my favorite questions I’ve ever been asked and answers that I may or may not have pieced together, but in retrospect would have been the best.

I’ve given a few tours for my group at NASA, and kids have asked some great questions. (Shout out to the students in Ecuador for what was definitely the best collection of questions I’ve ever heard!)

Do you believe in aliens? This is highly personal, but you can go in a few directions, and there’s always this song by Hank Green.

How do astronauts go to the bathroom in space?

Do you know what Area 51 is?

Why is the robot moving so slowly? To keep engineers safe

How many satellites are in space? About 1000 active satellites


And some other common questions that would be personal:

What’s it like to be a female in engineering?/Did anyone ever tell you you couldn’t be an engineer because you’re a girl?

What’s your favorite project you’ve ever done?

Where did you go to school?

What do you do?